This will be the first in a series of events called PLANNING: A Series of Micro-talks in which we ask 8-10 people to give 3-5 minute micro-talks prompted by a question.

Presenters/speakers will include:

Bänoo Zan
Jess Taylor
Aisha Sasha John
Hoa Nguyen
Joan Guenther
Nicole Brewer
William Kemp
Shannon Maguire

Jay MillAr

Jacqueline Valencia

More TBA

For our first event, we’re asking participants to respond to the deceptively simple question: what is a reading?

This could be interpreted a bit more specifically, but we also don’t want to over determine the responses. We are interested in conducting mutual research about what a poetry/performance/reading currently is in Toronto (and elsewhere) and what you think it could be or needs to be but isn’t necessarily or always?

We are also interested in hearing your ideas about what the barriers to these changes might be, if any, and any ideas you might have about how to make these hypothetical changes a reality..

The talks will be followed by a Q&A, that will be facilitated to make sure every one who wants to talk is heard from and to make sure no one is talking over anyone else.

We’ll also be asking audience/participants for feedback about what the next question/micro-talks might address.

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